Freespira Treatment Program

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Medication-Free Treatment Program

Chorus Community Health Plans is excited to offer Freespira to both Medicaid and individual and family plan members. Freespira is an FDA-cleared clinically proven treatment that significantly reduces or eliminates panic attacks and symptoms of PTSD.

The medication-free treatment program for panic attacks and the symptoms associated with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in only 28 days and covered by CCHP at no cost to you. 

Do you Qualify?

If you are a current CCHP member and are 13 years or older, you could qualify for Freespira.

How to Use

  • Easy to use, at home, without the need of your doctor or therapist
  • Use the small breathing sensor with a tablet for just 17 minutes twice daily
  • Includes personalized training, coaching and support
  • Offers long term symptom relief

3 steps to feeling better:

  1. Sign-Up by filling out our contact us form to get connected with Freespira's Patient Care Team
  2. Talk with a Freespira healthcare provider, or your provider, to learn about qualification
  3. Gain control and start your 28-treatment

See how Freespira is changing lives, watch a patient testimonial here.

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