2023 Individual and Family Plans

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Chorus Community Health Plans offers plan options across four different levels to our members. Plan benefits described below are for in-network services only. Click on the buttons below to see benefits for each plan level. You may also use our Online Quote Tool to see if you qualify for a plan with lower out of pocket costs. To discuss your plan options, contact our Sales Team at 844-708-3837 or CCHP-MemberSales@chw.org

2023 Plan Options

Chorus Bronze Copay
Chorus Silver Copay

$0 Deductible Plans

Chorus Bronze Copay
Chorus Silver Copay
Individual medical and prescription deductible
$0 / $3000
$0 / $2750
Individual medical and prescription maximum out-of-pocket
Family medical and prescription maximum deductible
$0 / $6000
$0 / $5500
Family medical and prescription out-of-pocket maximum
Medical Services
Primary care office visit
$65 copay
$40 copay
Speciality/specialist office visit
$130 copay
$100 copay
Inpatient services
$1,500 copay
$1,250 copay
Urgent care
$55 copay
$45 copay
Emergency room
$2,000 copay
$1,500 copay
Outpatient lab services
$60 copay
$50 copay
Prescription Drugs
Tier 1: Generic
$20 copayment
$15 copay
Tier 2: Preferred brand
$140 copay
$120 copay
Tier 3: Non-preferred brand
50% after deductible
40% after deductible
Tier 4: Specialty
50% after deductible
40% after deductible
Tier 5: ACA preventive
Tier 6: Select generics, including insulin
Routine Pediatric Exams
Pediatric Eyewear
No Charge
No Charge
Adult Vision Exams/Eyewear
Not Covered
Not Covered
The out-of-pocket maximum is the sum of the deductible amount, prescription drug deductible amount (if applicable), copayment amount and coinsurance percentage of covered expenses, as shown in your Evidence of Coverage.
Some services listed above may require prior authorization to be filed. Refer to our Evidence of Coverage for more information.
For a list of covered prescription medications, please review our Prescription Medication List

* Copay applies after deductible