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Shopping for a health or dental plan is easy!
Shopping for a health or dental plan is easier thank you think. Prepare for the online quote and enrollment application process with these tips. Our online quote tool helps you find the right plan, get a quote and enroll.

Here's how:

  1. Tell us who needs insurance. Are you shopping just for yourself, or do you want to include other family members?
  2. Find out if you can get a tax credit (only available for health plans)
  3. When you see your plan options, review, choose the plan that best fits your needs and enroll through our easy online quote tool.

That's it! We'll narrow down the plans based on what you told us. You can always choose to see every plan.

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Whether this is your first time or you just need a refresher on buying health insurance, make sure to be aware of the following as you look for the plan to fit your individual or family needs.

  • Primary care provider (PCP) – Make sure you have a list of all the primary care providers you visit on a frequent basis to make sure they are included in-network.
  • Coverage – If you visit your PCP often, you may want a plan that has a higher monthly premium but offers a lower deductible so your out-of-pocket costs will not be as high. Now, if you feel you won’t be using your health insurance that often, a plan with a lower monthly premium but higher deductible might be a better option.
  • Prescription drugs – Referencing your plan’s list of covered drugs is the best way to confirm that your current medications are covered and get an understanding for what may or may not be covered in the future.

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