The Quality Improvement Program

Program Overview

The Quality Improvement (QI) program of Chorus Community Health Plans provides a framework for continuous performance improvement of the health care provided to its members, ensuring the provision of appropriate, affordable, and accessible care. This is accomplished by identifying, evaluating, and monitoring the quality of health care services provided to or proposed for plan members.

CCHP strives to continuously improve the care and service provided by our health care delivery system.

The CCHP Quality Improvement program:

  • Establishes the standards that encompass all quality improvement activities within the health plan.
  • Promotes and incorporates quality into the health plan’s organization structure and processes.
  • Facilitates a partnership between members, practitioners, providers and health plan staff for the continuous improvement of quality health care delivery.
  • Continuously improves communication and education in support of these efforts.
  • Considers and facilitates achievement of prevention goals in the areas of health promotion and early detection and treatment.
  • Provides effective monitoring and evaluation of patient care and services to ensure that care provided by health plan practitioners/providers meets the requirements of good medical practice and is positively perceived by health plan members and health care professionals
  • Evaluates and disseminates clinical and preventive practice guidelines.
  • Monitors performance of practitioners and providers against evidence-based medical guidelines.
  • Develops guidelines for quality improvement activities (e.g. access and availability, credentialing/recredentialing, peer review, etc.).

For more information about our QI program, including details about our activities and progress toward goals, please email CCHP’s Quality Improvement department.