Asthma Management

People with asthma can learn to identify and avoid the things that trigger an episode, and educate themselves about medications and other asthma management strategies.

According to the Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma, published by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, has identified asthma as a chronic disease. It has to be cared for all the time - not just when symptoms are present.

Work with a healthcare professional to determine the best way to take care of your asthma. The more information a person with asthma has, the better asthma can be controlled.

Asthma Support Services

Hayat Pharmacy offers multiple asthma services and medications. Call 414-610-7507 to schedule a delivery or home visit from Hayat.

  • Free delivery - Medications are delivered by a live person rather than through the mail
  • In home education - Pharmacists can explain your medications, and tell you how and when to take it
  • Simplify my meds - This program, offered by Hayat, syncs your refills together so they are all filled at the same time, reducing confusion and extra trips to the pharmacy