Diabetes Management Program

CCHP uses clinical guidelines to support our members and/or their caregivers with management tools and educational opportunities through our Diabetes Health Management Program.

We are an integrated care team whose approach is to provide education, self-management support and connection to resources. Our goal is to enhance members’ ability to manage their condition(s) and improve overall health outcomes and quality of life. CCHP is also proud to offer these resources to our providers and community partners.

Program Enrollment

As a member, you are able to participate in this program. The program is free and voluntary. You have been automatically enrolled if:

  • You are a current member;
  • You are 18 years or older; and
  • You have had or currently have type 2 diabetes

Benefits of the Diabetes program include:

  • Newsletters every 3 months
  • Access to CCHP’s Wellness Portal
  • Diabetes tools and resources
  • Support from nurses and health care staff
  • Access to Community Services

To speak with our Health Program team or to opt out of the program, please call (414) 266-3173 or email us at healthpromotions@chorushealthplans.org.